Castilla-La Mancha regional government

The Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha is the regional government in Castilla-La Mancha. The Agriculture, Environment and Rural DEvelopment Department is the entity in charge of proposing and implementing the policy regarding farming, rural development, agrifood industries, forestry, climate change mitigation, environmental assessment, sustainable development and all the competencies attributed to it in the framework of the Constitution and the Regional Law.

Among others, the Department is competent in the following areas:

  • The study, protection and conservation of the natural vegetation and the soil, the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems and the geological heritage
  • The planning and elaboration of guidelines on the management, conservation, surveillance, custody, promotion and monitoring of the natural protected areas and resources in the region as established in Act 9/1999. 26th May, of Nature Conservation. The management of the “Regional Catalogues of Endangered Species and Habitats and Geomorphological Elements of Special Protection”.
  • The elaboration of programmes for the allocation of the different funds and financial instruments of the State and the European Union to nature conservation in the region and the implementation of the corresponding actions.
  • Cooperating and establishing relations with nature conservation entities and organisations of whose scope is wider than regional.
  • Land-use planning of the natural environment
  • The promotion, administration, coordination and dissemination of the activities of the SPA Área Esteparia de La Mancha Norte, San Clemente, Laguna del Hito y Humedales de La Mancha.
  • The planning and public use management of the natural protected areas, as well as the development of interpretation, dissemination and awareness-raising programmes of protected areas and natural resources in the region.
  • The elaboration of reports on the status of the protected natural resources in the region and their evolution.