Fundación Global Nature

Fundación Global Nature is a private non-for-profit foundation dedicated to nature protection. Our work is based on technical expertise, ethical commitment and innovation. Since our creation in 1993, we combine theory and practice, the elaboration of strategies and planes with applied projects. More than 20 prizes have acknowledged our work in the past years.

We have four offices in Spain and several additional working areas. In addition to national and European projects, we also develop initiatives in other countries to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We promote collaboration and the creation of strategic alliances. We understand that the best way to ensure long-term conservation and to create value for all stakeholders is to work together.

Our activity is distributed in three main areas: conservation of habitat and species, sustainability of the agri-food sector and corporate sustainability. The actions and projects that integrate each area are interrelated in order to create synergies, increase effiency and continue the activities in the long term. In addition, we develop cross-cutting activities like awareness-raising actions, training or environmental education.

Fundación Global Nature has been linked to the LIFE EU programme for many years. Up until now, it has participated in 18 LIFE projects.

Fundación Global Nature projects developed in Castilla-La Mancha region:

LIFE projects in other regions: