Preparatory Actions

A.1 Sharing with crop and cattle farmers. Basis for a farming stewardship network

The intention is to explain to crop and cattle farmers the experience in territory stewardship accumulated by the Global Nature Foundation since 1994, as well as some of the 188 organizations making up the State Forum for Land Stewardship, which have signed up more than 600 000 hectares all over Spain.

The aim is the participation of the farmers in the work area of the LIFE project so that, through action C1, they voluntarily subscribe for the actions proposed in the project. The idea is to convey to this sector the advantages they can expect from belonging to a network of this type, whether through environmental improvements on their properties or an increase in the revenue derived from differentiated marketing or the lower management costs for their farms.

In any case, the project seeks to advance alongside farmers in the implementation of standards higher than those required by current regulations and even by environmental and farming assistance they may voluntarily apply for.

A.2 Assessment of the impact of environmental and farming requirements on different sectoral regulations and the measures to be included in conservation actions

We will evaluate and determine which measures applied in other regulations impact on current legal or voluntary standards in various aid programmes in the project action areas with the idea of updating the measures and indicators that will be taken into account in the pursuit of conservation actions.